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Who We Are

The Official Literary and Artistic Publication and Organization of the Ateneo De Manila University

HEIGHTS' six staffs collaborate to produce and promote two annual artistic and literary folios and a seniors' folio. We also host the Creative Talk Series, several org-exclusive training talks, the Ateneo HEIGHTS Writers Workshop [AHWW], Ateneo Heights ARTISTS Workshop [AHAW], and Kuwentong Pambata.

Our Mission and Vision

As a publication, HEIGHTS seeks to uphold the literary and artistic excellence of and for the Ateneo community.

Through its published materials, HEIGHTS aims to embody the best Atenean literature and art, and provide a platform for Atenean writers and artists to showcase their work. As an organization, HEIGHTS seeks to foster a deep appreciation of Filipino literature and art. Through its various projects, HEIGHTS aims to highlight the relevance of literature and art within the Ateneo community.

Our History

Heights Today


50 Years Hence


“Poetization” & “Filipinization”


A Political Shift


Before Heights


Heights Today


In the last four years, HEIGHTS has been gradually working towards the standardization of organizational structures and practices as well as in terms of events and the very folio. After moving from the original Publication Room in Gonzaga Hall to the MVP Center for Student Leadership in 2008, the roles of the non-deliberating staffs were met with expansion and reorganization, and what was then the Lay-Out Staff was reconstructed as the Design Staff, whose scope of work now includes archiving, documentation, and website maintenance; design studies are undertaken by the staff to ensure that the message of the editorial is clear. The Special Projects Staff was also reorganized and streamlined as the Production Staff, in charge of the creation, execution, and management of all HEIGHTS events and activities such as the book launches and general assemblies. Thus, the two organizational staffs of HEIGHTS were born. Moderators were also assigned to every staff to encourage a more focused and collaborative partnership with certain Ateneo faculty members in the individual workings of HEIGHTS.

Directing its efforts to upholding tradition, HEIGHTS has been focusing on the continuance of projects, both old and new, as standard activities for the organization. The longstanding Ateneo Heights Writers' Workshop (AHWW) is now on its 26th year. In 2010, the first Ateneo Heights Artists' Workshop (AHAW) was established. The Kuwentong Pambata Book Grant, launched in 2008, has since produced four children's books, and more are certainly to come. The Creative Talks, Salimbayan Talks (or Buwan ng Wika talks which are co-sponsored with the Loyola Schools Filipino Department), and staff mini-workshops are also some of the events that HEIGHTS has been carrying out in the recent years.

Along with the organization's pursuit for standardization came a growing emphasis on new writing. As a nod to discussion about the collapse of genres, folio dividers which formerly included "Poetry", "Fiction", and other genres are now composed of only "Works" and "Art", acknowledging that rapid evolution of form and language.

Special events have also been held to celebrate these evolving forms. 2008's Poetry in Motion was a widely successful event which featured performance poetry by Yol Jamedang and Angelo Suarez among other guests. 2010's Ekphrasis, held in collaboration with the Loyola Film Circle, Entablado, UP Ugat, and a few other organizations, showcased ekphrastic pieces based on artworks by the Art Staff. Noted ekphrasis poet Marne Kilates also graced the event.

In the recent years, HEIGHTS has also embraced new technological platforms in order to broaden its readership and to create more opportunities for members. In 2009, Marahil, the Filipino Staff Blog, was launched in an effort to encourage members to practice the craft of writing within a disciplined structure. Hoping to generate more contributions from their staff, English followed suit two years later with the launch of their own staff blog. HEIGHTS also initiated the Tula-Arawan and Salita ng Araw online projects that aimed to further develop the appreciation of poems and words in Filipino in the Ateneo. Capitalizing on the growing popularity of social networking, the Heights Facebook page was also created in order to increase the organization's visibility and accessibility to Heightsers and Non-Heightsers alike.

As early as 2009, the entire organization has been hard at work preparing for the 60th Anniversary of HEIGHTS. The launch of this website, the ongoing project of folio archiving and digitizing the Heights Folios, as well as the constitutional reform, were all in commemoration of this milestone anniversary - efforts to celebrate 60 years of a tradition of art, beauty, and excellence. In 2010, HEIGHTS was awarded the Gawad Pedro Bucaneg by the Unyon ng Manunulat ng Pilipinas as a testament of appreciation for the publication's efforts and many accomplishments in the literary arts.

Today, HEIGHTS continues to contribute to the literary and artistic culture within and beyond the Ateneo community.

Editorial Board A.Y. 2020-2021

The Team behind the success of HEIGHTS Ateneo Today

The Heights Editorial Board is composed of student leaders who ascertain that literary and artistic excellence thrives in the Ateneo community. It has three main branches, namely, the executive editors, the delibrations editors, and the organizational editors.

Stanley Triston Y. Guevarra


AB Literature (English) 2023

Ignacio C. Bunag

Associate Editor

BS Health Sciences 2022

Paul Stanlee V. Añonuevo

Managing Editor for External Affairs

BS Management Information Systems 2023

Cydney Maegan M. Mangubat

Managing Editor for Internal Affairs

BFA Creative Writing 2022

Alexis Nicole N. Ferreras

Managing Editor for Finance

AB Economics 2022

Andrea Faustine A. Isaac

Art Editor

AB Art Management 2023

Kimiko Gabrielle R. de Guzman

Associate Art Editor

AB Communications 2023

Alexie Nichole S. Cruz

English Editor

AB Political Science 2023

Maria Angela D. Lanuza

Associate English Editor

BFA Creative Writing 2023

Ryan Gabriel B. Suarez

Filipino Editor

AB Development Studies 2024

Ziona Gillia S. Castro

Associate Filipino Editor

AB Political Science 2023

Aitana Therese T. Nellas

Design Editor

BFA Information Design 2022

Justin Dhaniel Tan

Associate Design Editor

BFA Information Design 2023

Andrea Mae U. Tibayan

HEIGHTS Online Editor

AB Communications 2022

Natania Shay S. Du

Associate HEIGHTS Online Editor

BFA Creative Writing 2024

Melanie Mae D. Silverio

Production Manager

BS Management Engineering 2022

Lindsey Therese U. Lim

Associate Production Manager

AB Management Economics 2024

Our Projects


In line with our goal to discover new and fledgling talent, HEIGHTS organizes workshops for both writers and artists, namely the Ateneo HEIGHTS Writers Workshop (AHWW) and the Ateneo HEIGHTS Artists Workshop (AHAW). Each year, a group of undergraduate students, who are handpicked by a screening committee, come together to have their works critiqued by distinguished professors of the Ateneo. After the workshop, the works of the students are shared to the community through a zine (for AHWW) and an exhibit (for AHAW).

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Kuwentong Pambata

Kuwentong Pambata is HEIGHTS' main external collaboration, conducted with the Sector-Based Cluster (SBC) organizations. The Kuwentong Pambata Book Grant is given to one writer and one illustrator. Writers and illustrators submit their applications and are selected by the Editorial Board along with representatives from the SBC organizations. They work closely with each other, as well as with a faculty mentor to hone their children’s storybook. The book is released at launch to recognize the writer and artist’s contributions to the project. The publication is distributed during outreach programs with SBC. The entire project is geared towards using art and literature to find stories that empower children in disadvantaged communities.

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Creative Talk Series

The Creative Talk Series is primarily a collaboration with the deliberating editors and the production staff. Its main objective is to stimulate discourse about the most relevant topics in the contemporary literary and artistic scene, targeted at the Ateneo community. Two of the most successful creative talks put together by HEIGHTS were Art vs. Porn (2013) and #AlDubNation: Ang Semantika ng Kalyeserye (2015).

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